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Culterim | Vision

Reducing vacancies by opening up temporary physical spaces for culture and art.

Cultural Interim Use Concepts

While artists and cultural workers lack space for artistic development, we are constantly confronted with vacant commercial and private real estate. Our vision is to reduce this vacancy by enabling the art scene to create temporary cultural use with social benefits for the society.

Our temporary use concepts range from artist-in-residence 

programs, art events, classic exhibitions, film shoots and cooperation with state art schools. 

You have unused space - the culture needs it!

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Art Market | Exhibitions

The temporary interim use projects generate new influences and ideas for artists and cultural workers. Working in unfamiliar places and exchanging ideas with one another liberates and stimulates artistic creativity.


The works created during the temporary use are presented to the public in exhibitions and offered for sale. In order to support the sale of the exhibited works and the artists and cultural workers in the long term, these works will be included in our digital online gallery.

By deciding to purchase one of our artworks, you are also deciding to support a social relevant agenda.


Architectural Art | Artist Agency

Art in architecture and the artistic design of facades have always been part of our culture and society. The third pillar of our vision is the placement of artists and cultural workers for:

  • facade design

  • architectural art

  • interior design

  • Corporate branding concepts

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